Jewelry for a Cause

Madam Stoltz is run by the dynamic wife and husband team -- Pernille Stoltz and Peter Bundgaard. We love mom-and-pop-shops! Their products are mainly produced by hand in India which was also the source of inspiration for the name of the business. I love Pernille's explanation of how the name of their business came to be:

”The Indians are very polite and always addresses me with ’Madam’. In 1995, when I should name my first shop, Madam Stoltz was the first name on my mind, and I have sticked [sic] to the name ever since”.

Pernille's talents go beyond her amazing design sensibility -- she has also found innovative ways to give back to the people and places that have influenced her. One such collaboration is her partnership with the Nai Disha project in New Delhi. This short video explains how her support has changed the lives of the families in Nai Disha.

If you would like to support Nai Disha, please purchase the jewelry handmade by the ladies in this program featured on our web site today at this link.

Hope you feel as inspired as we do!

Your friends at JEMS xx

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